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Hi, I'm Susan and I'm an enthusiastic but bumbling gardener

I live in a town in the South of England and am lucky enough to have a generously sized garden which I love.  I also like "quirky" features and am always looking for ways to add these.  I am by no means a gardening expert, I tend to go with my instinct, so advice and suggestions are always welcome.

The garden is not without its problems:

  • one side of the garden suffered a honey-fungus infection a few years back, I am still dealing with the aftermath

  • the other side is overshadowed by a neighbour's huge tree with the result that the rain never reaches that area

  • the water table is close to the surface, which combined with clay soil means parts of the garden can become quite waterlogged

  • on the other hand, if it doesn't rain the clay gets dry and ultra hard

  • I have a limited budget!

This blog shows my activities in the garden and the animals I share it with.

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