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The "Beast from the East" has weIl and truly set in. We seldom have snow down here on the South Coast, and certainly not at the beginning of March, but here it is:

Luckily that's not a real bird. I'm doing my best to keep our local wildlife going through the snow, with a full set of feeders plus extra food on the ground for birds and animals which prefer to eat at a lower level, but the water bowl and its feeder bottle are completely frozen so I hope they're able to get water from the snow:

I've seen a fox in the garden a couple of times over the past two days - and a couple of weeks ago there was the distinctive racket of foxes mating outside - so I suspect we have a den under our shed again. Yesterday evening when I opened the back door one actually ran right up to within 6 feet of me, I think the neighbours must be feeding them again as this is not "normal" behaviour for a wild animal. Haven't managed to grab a photo yet but here are some tracks:


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