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Bracket fungus

When we first moved in we had two particularly beautiful trees in our garden, a weeping willow and an aspen. You can see them both in this photograph:

And here's the willow on its own:

Unfortunately, in the autumn of 2010 the willow tree fell down in a storm. Luckily it landed entirely on our lawn and did not cause too much damage:

You can see that the trunk was partly hollowed out; apparently this was as the result of heartwood decay caused by a fungus.

When the tree surgeons came to remove the willow they checked our other trees, and sadly they spotted bracket fungus on the aspen suggesting that it had a similar problem. Although it appeared healthy they told me that it could fall at any time, and if that had happened it would have demolished a wall and quite possibly damaged a neighbour's house, so we had to have it removed.

We were very upset to lose these trees, but we have planted a new weeping willow in a more suitable part of the garden, well away from any walls or buildings. It is in an area previously prone to waterlogging which suits the tree and has significantly reduced the problem with flooding which we used to experience in that area:


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