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Edging the lawn

We have a large lawn, most of which lies directly next to flower borders. However, at the end of the garden is a section which butts up against gravelled areas held back by wooden and bamboo edging. It was proving difficult to trim the grass right next to these areas without damaging the bamboo.

I saw these strips advertised online and thought I'd give them a try. Sold by Coopers of Stortford, each strip is approximately 4" wide by 12" long and consists of pebbles glued onto a plastic web backing:

I laid the strips out to use as a template and removed the required amount of turf. I then used the strips again to cut some weed-suppressing fabric to the correct width and laid this on the soil:

Finally I simply laid the strips on top of the fabric. Here's the end result:

Update November 17th:

Having now mowed across this border several times, I've found the stones have stayed in place and I'm really happy with the results.


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