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Mini Model Village

Last week I finished my latest quirky garden project: a model village built inside a laundry basket.

Actually, it was supposed to be in an old suitcase. But despire multiple layers of waterproof paint the case buckled as soon as I left it out in the rain. I found an old, shallow laundry basket in a local charity shop and used that instead.


- container suitable for outdoor use (I used a shallow plastic laundry basket from a local charity shop)

- buildings (I got mine for £1 each from a charity shop)

- plants (Pratia pedunculata alba, Heinaria glabra, Sempervivum tormulin, Sedum x rubrotinctum, all from local garden centres)

- potting compost

- horticultural grit

- black sand

- plastic lawn edging

- cobbles

- miniature plastic train set (I got mine from a local steam railway, £2.90)

- plastic dinosaurs (set of 4 reduced to 25p, Wilko)

- blue tile (£1, Flying Tiger)

- small stones (I used some from elsewhere in the garden)


- Mix together sufficient sand and grit to fill the container to the desired level. Allow extra for features such as hills if required. Fill the container and sculpt hills / features. I used cobbles as a retaining wall for my hill.

- Position railway line and plants where required.

- Cover the surface with additional grit.

- Place blue tile where you want your lake to be, covering the edges with grit to make a more natural outline. I used small white stones to give it a more finished look.

- Create a road: make a border using strips cut from plastic lawn edging pushed into the grit, cover it with black sand and smooth down with a spoon.

- Position buildings. I added some plastic dinosaurs just for a bit of fun.

And here it is with the train running:


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