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Planting frenzy

April and May have been a time for loads of weeding and planting in my garden.

It started when I cleared some weeds and ivy away. Suddenly I found I had loads of space I hadn't realised was there. This is just a small portion of it ("after" photos at the end):

The area is partially shaded by trees so I selected plants which are suitable for these conditions. Clockwise from top left: Lithodora "Heavenly blue"; Berberis darwinii; Hebe "Silver Anniversary"; Leucothoe Zeblid (Scarletta); Leucothoe Fontanesiana (Rainbow); Cornus Sanguinea "Midwinter Fire"

Then I decided I needed a new grapevine, some nice bright Santolina "Lemon Fizz" near the water feature, and popped some carrots and potatoes into the vegetable area:

I re-planted some containers:

And finally I went to the local gardening club's annual auction and stocked up with trailing plants, ferns, fuchsia and a loganberry:

Whew, time for a rest!


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