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Signs of Spring?

Still not much colour in the garden. I think the wet weather has slowed things down as this time last year my camellia was already in bloom. But there are quite a few buds and lots of new leaf growth so hopefully a promise of good things to come:

Top to bottom and left to right: rose, lemon, laurel, hydrangea, chaenomeles, camellia, blueberry1, blueberry2, blackcurrant

Most of the plants I photographed at the beginning of the month are still going strong, and they've been joined by a couple of others. Any help identifying the unknown plant in the top row would be gratefully received:

Top to bottom and left to right: Viburnum Charles Lamont, unknown flower 1&2, Rosmarinus blue cascade, Nandina domestica "firepower", Hebe Silver Anniversary, various heathers, chaenomeles 1&2, Berberis darwinii, almond blossom, violas

Unfortunately the wet weather continues, and it's not discouraging the weeds one bit, but walking on saturated clay soil compacts it so they'll have to stay there until things dry out a bit:


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