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Upcycling a wardrobe

This wardrobe has given us good service. We bought it nearly 20 years ago and painted it to look like a punch and judy tent for my daughter's seaside themed bedroom. Later she changed her theme to lilac and silver and it was repainted to match.

For the last few years it has been in our guest room, but now it was surplus to requirements. I had two choices: take it to the dump or find a new use for it. Naturally I decided to find a way of using it in my garden.

I stripped off the multiple paint layers:

I then treated the wood with preservative and painted it using Cuprinol Garden Shades: Sage for the main carcass and Seagrass for the doors and drawer. I added new butterfly knobs from Hooks Knobs (see below) and my husband made a pitched roof from a couple of pieces of wood covered in roofing felt.

Here's the end result, I'm really pleased with how it looks:

It's already in use storing some of our garden furniture and my shears and pruners which were previously getting in they way on my shed floor:


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