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Winter is coming

It's taken a while but we've finally seen the first overnight frosts. Time to protect tender plants.

  • if plants are in pots which can be moved, I put them into my temporary greenhouse. I've never felt the need for a permanent structure but I have this plastic one which can be put up like a tent. I have a small thermostatically controlled greenhouse heater in there set to about 7 degrees to keep the temperature comfortable for the plants and to avoid frost risk. I find that they prefer this to being brought into the house.

  • if pots can't be moved or are only marginally tender I raise them up on pot feet or bricks (to avoid contact with icy water on the ground), wrap the pots in bubble wrap and pop on a frost fleece bag. I take the fleece off during the day in warmer weather to expose the plants to sunlight.

if plants are in the soil I cover them with frost fleece and peg it down to prevent it from blowing away. As with the pots, I take the fleece off during the day in warmer weather. As you can see from the pictures below, my lantana plants are thriving and even producing new buds.

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